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Tuesday: National Honor Society Induction Ceremony in the Auditorium: 1:30pm; Falcon & Saintes Track at the Denison Relays: 4:30pm

Thursday: Saintes Golf in the AL Tourney at Dodge: 10am; Falcon & Saintes Track in the City Relays at Wilson: 3:30 & 4pm

Saturday: Falcon & Saintes Frosh & Soph Track at Glenwood: 11am

Monday the 3rd: Falcon & Saintes Golf vs Tri-Center at Fox Run: 3:30pm; Saintes Tennis at TJ: 4pm; Falcon Tennis at Harlan: 4pm; Saintes Varsity Soccer at home (YMCA Fields by The Horseshoe) vs Creston: 4pm; Falcon Track at the Treynor Relays: 4:30pm; Falcon Varsity Soccer at home vs Creston: 5:45pm (YMCA Fields by The Horseshoe)

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