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Today: Falcon Tennis in the City Meet at LC, AL, TJ, Wilson & Valley View: 11:30am; Falcon Golf at Treynor: 4pm; Saintes Tennis at Harlan: 4pm; 1A #5 Saintes Soccer at home vs Atlantic: 4:30 & 6:15pm; 1A #15 Falcon Soccer vs AL at Wilson: 5 & 6:30pm (Varsity 1st)

Thursday: Saintes Tennis at home vs AL: 11:30am; Falcon Golf vs Glenwood at Fox Run: 3:30pm; Saintes Golf at Glenwood: 4:30pm; Falcon JV Track at Atlantic: 5pm; 1A #5 Saintes Varsity Soccer at Glenwood: 5pm; 1A #15 Falcon Varsity Soccer at Glenwood: 6:45pm

Friday: The Rosary in the O'Neill Family Chapel: 8:15am (ALL are welcome); Elementary Mass in their gym: 8:45am (ALL are welcome); Falcon Track at Red Oak: 5pm; 1A #15 Falcon Varsity Soccer at Underwood: 5:30pm

Saturday: Saintes Softball Field Clean-up Day 1 of 2: 8am-10:30am (ALL are welcome & many are needed); World Mission Trip Trivia Night at St. Peter's: 7pm (8/team - $20 player) 

Sunday: Lil Saintes Softball Camp: 2-4pm ($20) 

Monday: Falcon Golf vs Roncalli at Eagle Run in West Omaha: 9am; Saintes Golf vs AL at Dodge: 3pm; Falcon Tennis at TJ: 4pm; Falcon & Saintes Track at Atlantic: 4:30pm; Falcon Varsity Soccer vs Lewis Central at Iowa Western: 5:30pm; Saintes Soccer at Harlan: 5 & 6:30pm; Falcon Baseball practice begins

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