Thursday the 3rd: Falcon Bowling vs AL at Thunderbowl: 3:30pm; Falcon Swimming at home (Kirn) vs LC: 4:30pm; Wrestling vs Kuemper & Glenwood at Glenwood: 5:30pm; Falcon Basketball at Wahoo Neumann: 5:45 & 7:30pm

Friday the 4th: Falcon Basketball at home vs Atlantic: 4:30, 6 & 7:45pm; Saintes Basketball at Atlantic: 6 & 7:45pm

Saturday the 5th: Wrestling at the Treynor Tourney: 10am; Falcon Swimming at Benson: 12:30pm

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Saintes take down Tri-Center

St. Albert 70

Tri-Center 32

R25Varsity vs Tri-Center BP_11 24 15_7995_edited-1.JPEG

Frosh, Teagun Blackburn chipped in 12 points for the ladies. 

Outstanding team win Saintes!

We here at stalbertsportsfan would like to thank all the SA Administrators that support our mission.  To the staff, coaches & students who always give their best and represent the green & gold with class.  To The Faithful who follow us daily and also give their support to St. Albert.  To our sponsors that make this site possible.  And to our volunteer contributors, especially our amazing photographers who post high quality pictures quickly.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and we thank you for your support of stalbertsportsfan! 

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Today: 33 - Rain turning to sleet & some snow. Icy roads possible by mid-late afternoon.  1/4 inch of ice and an inch of snow.
Friday: 28 & mostly cloudy, wind 14
Saturday: 35 & partly sunny
Sunday: 38 & cloudy
Monday: 35 with 3-5 inches of snow likely
Tuesday: 36 & partly sunny
Wednesday: 32 & sunny 

Eagles at Lions-1.5: 11:30am on FOX
Panthers at Cowboys-.5: 3:30pm on CBS 
South Florida-22.5 vs Central Florida: 6:30pm on ESPN
Texas Tech at Texas-.5: 6:30pm on Fox Sports 1
Bears at Packers-8.5: 7:30pm on NBC
Iowa-2.5 vs Dayton in Orlando: 8pm on ESPN2

Saintes roll past Tri-Center

Posted: 11/25/2015 - by Charlie Narmi

Girls are getting used to each other. Installing the playbook remains an ongoing process. More...

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Football games of interest this week:

Posted: 11/23/2015 - by Charlie Narmi

Tuesday:NE C1: Columbus Scotus vs Norfolk Catholic: 10:45am on NETVNE C2: David City Aquinas vs Oakland-Craig: More...

CTO celebrates record year of giving for Catholic tuition

Posted: 11/17/2015 - by Charlie Narmi

St. Albert Catholic Schools hosted the Catholic Tuition Organization on Monday evening for a private reception for the group’s annual celebration. More...


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