Bob Hughes created to reach out to first time homebuyers or anyone searching for a quality home with affordable monthly payments. Bob specializes in Glenwood, Malvern, Silver City, Mineola, Red Oak, Treynor, Sidney, and surrounding towns in Iowa.

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Did you know that it is possible to own a home for less money than it takes to rent one?

You may be eligible for payment assistance which would subsidize the interest portion of the house payment down to as low as 1 percent, lowering the overall monthly payment amount.

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USDA increases maximum mortages USDA Rural Development increases maximum mortgage limits to $216,840 in the state of Iowa.

New and existing homes available No down payment is required, and closing costs may be included in the loan...

You could be a proud home owner within 45-60 days if you qualify. When you fill out the 'Qualify Me' form, you will also receive a FREE Credit Report.

"Our family now lives in a nice 3 bedroom home in Glenwood, Iowa and our monthly house payments are only $550 per month."

"We live in a 2 bedroom 1½ story home in Glenwood, Iowa with a detached garage and my monthly house payments are $490 including property taxes and homeowners insurance."

"I make $9.00 per hour and my wife works part time making $7.00 per hour and we qualified for a house up to $170,000"

"My husband and I together make $39,000 a year and we are qualified to purchase a home up to 174,500 and the monthly payments would be $734"

You might be surprised who qualifies!
A 4 person family making less than $56,250 in Mills county qualifies...
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