St. Albert Development Audit Survey

Posted: 03/07/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

Families, I’m writing to request your help.  More specifically, I am asking you to share your thoughts and insights about Saint Albert’s development, fundraising, and communication efforts by participating in an online survey.


The Saint Albert community generously supports our school system.  These efforts include the SA Backer Program, Annual Appeal, Benefit Auction, major gifts, planned giving, and countless other efforts that support school operations, activities, and improve our facilities.  


Saint Albert has partnered with the Steier Group, an Omaha-based development and fundraising company, to conduct a review of our development and communication efforts.  The review includes personal interviews, telephone interviews, and online surveys for staff, parents, alumni, and benefactors.


While we value everyone’s input, it is not possible for the Steer Group to interview everyone, so I am providing a survey link that allows you to anonymously share your impressions about Saint Albert.  The Steier group will gather, summarize, and share information that you provide with Saint Albert.


I ask you to accept this invitation and complete the online survey questions. Sharing your thoughts and insights will help us better understand how to improve the school system, development efforts, and communication programs. Please visit the link here
to complete the survey if you haven't already done so through the mail. Please use the password: Albert to complete this survey.


God Bless,


David M. Schweitzer

President, Saint Albert Catholic Schools


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