2017-18 Tuition and Financial Aid Update

Posted: 03/16/2017 - by Charlie Narmi

March 16, 2017

Saint Albert School Community,


As I announce tuition rates for the coming year, I commend the commitment and sacrifice made by our families, parishes, community, and the Diocese of Des Moines.  Supporting Catholic Education in Council Bluffs requires a shared sacrifice.  Such sacrifice and willing generosity are hallmarks of the Saint Albert community.  It is your on-going commitment to a more rigorous and complete education that sustains our school system and secures the faith formation of our students.


Highlights of this year’s tuition changes include:


  • Kindergarten tuition increased to maintain smaller class sizes for our youngest students.

  • Consolidation of high school tuition rates for 9th-10th graders and 11th-12th graders.

  • Daycare rate adjustments that better fund the actual program expenses.

  • Modest tuition increases across most grade levels to match actual costs.

  • Consolidation of middle school tuition rates for 6th-8th graders.

  • Consolidation of elementary tuition rates for 1st-5th graders.

  • 2% increase in the teacher salary schedule.

  • 1% increase in parish support.


Age of Student

Parish *


2 Day Pre-Kindergarten (PreK3) (Age 3)



5 Day Pre-Kindergarten (PreK4) (Age 4)






1st-5th Grade



6th-7th – 8th Grades



9th – 10th Grades



11th -12th Grades



           Monthly Rate is for a 10-month period from August 2017- May 2018    


Thankfully, our Catholic parishes continue to graciously support Saint Albert by providing over $1.5 million to support the school system’s $6.5 million operating budget.  This support enables Saint Albert to provide generous parish tuition discounts to families who join and support the local Catholic churches.  Each year, our pastors expect practicing Catholic families to complete an updated parish verification form to obtain the discount.  This year’s form is available at   http://saintalbertschools.org/resources/tuition-financial-aid/ and it should be completed and submitted to your Catholic pastor by June 1st.


The Catholic Tuition Organization, CTO, provides over $400,000 in financial aid to families who qualify for assistance.  Qualifying families receive need-based scholarships that can reduce the price of attendance by over 50%, and nearly 30% of our families qualify for CTO support.  You can learn more about CTO, the program’s potential to assist your family, and the application process by accessing . . . http://saintalbertschools.org/resources/tuition-financial-aid/  Be sure to complete this year’s application by April 1st to receive the maximum aid.


The Saint Albert Education Foundation provides $160,000 in scholarship and tuition support to students.  The foundation provides over 175 financial awards through a combination of scholarships and need-based aid.  These scholarships and need-based awards are available to families who complete the FAIR application (the same application used for CTO).  Remember, the need-based awards are provided only to families who have successfully completed a FAIR application . . . http://saintalbertschools.org/welcome/prospective-families/scholarships/


Saint Albert also provides multi-student family discounts and new student discounts.  Our school system continues to assist families by charging tuition for only the three oldest siblings, while four or more family members are attending during the same school year.  Plus, Saint Albert continues to assist new families by providing $500 New Student Discounts for 1st-12th graders entering Saint Albert during 2017-18.


In conclusion, I want to thank you.  Parishes and benefactors, thank you for generously supporting Catholic education in Council Bluffs.  Teachers and staff, thank you for accepting less compensation while assuming greater responsibility for the spiritual formation and academic preparation of Saint Albert Catholic students.  Finally, thank you Saint Albert families for paying tuition and providing a Saint Albert education for your children.


God Bless,



David M. Schweitzer                           

President, Saint Albert Catholic Schools



400 Gleason Avenue

Council Bluffs, IA 51503


Know that your heart is given to you and needs to be handed on . . . 



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