Football Games of Interest This Week

Posted: 10/08/2018 - by Charlie Narmi


Appalachian State-9.5 at Arkansas State: 7pm on ESPN2 


Texas Tech at TCU-7.5: 6:30pm on ESPN
Skutt at Gross: 7pm on KXVO Cox 1011
Eagles-3.5 at Giants: 7:20pm on FOX

St. Albert at home vs Nodaway Valley: 7pm
Southwest Valley at #2 AHSTW
Abraham Lincoln at Des Moines North
Urbandale at Thomas Jefferson 
Glenwood at 3A #2 Lewis Central
Air Force at San Diego State-10.5: 8pm on CBS Sports
Arizona at Utah-13.5: 9pm on ESPN

Iowa-5.5 at Indiana: 11am on ESPN2
Nebraska at Northwestern-5.5: 11am on ABC
Minnesota at Ohio State-29.5: 11am on B10
Okie State-6.5 at Kansas State: 11am on ESPNU
Pittsburgh at #5 Notre Dame-20.5: 1:30pm 9on NBC
Youngstown State at S. Dakota State: 2pm on ESPN+
Independence at Iowa Western: 2:30pm on 89.7fm 
#2 Georgia-6.5 at #13 LSU: 2:30pm on CBS
#7 Washington-3.5 at #17 Oregon: 2:30pm on ABC
Michigan State at #8 Penn State-13.5: 2:30pm on B10
Baylor at #9 Texas-14.5: 2:30pm on ESPN
Ohio at N. Illinois-3.5: 2:30pm on ESPN+
UNI at South Dakota: 6pm on ESPN+
#6 West Virginia-6.5 at Iowa State: 6pm on Fox Sports
Missouri at #1 Alabama-28.5: 6pm ESPN
#16 Miami-5.5 at Virginia: 6pm on ESPN2
#15 Wisconsin at #12 Michigan-7.5: 6:30pm on ABC
#19 Colorado at USC-7.5: 9:30pm on FS1
Wyoming at Fresno State-19.5: 9:30pm on ESPNU
NFL RedZone: Noon-7pm on Cox 1218 & DirecTV 703
Chargers-1.5 at Browns: Noon on CBS
Cardinals at Vikings-10.5: Noon on FOX 
Steelers at Bengals-2.5: Noon
Bears-3.5 at Dolphins: Noon
Seahawks-3.5 at Raiders: Noon
Colts at Jets-2.5: Noon
Panthers at Redskins-1.5: Noon
Rams-6.5 at Broncos: 3pm 
Jaguars-2.5 at Cowboys: 3:25pm on CBS 
Chiefs at Patriots-3.5: 7:20pm on NBC

49ers at Packers-9.5: 7:15pm on ESPN


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