Saint Albert Bowling

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Saintes & Falcons in full swing

Saintes Bowling Team:

Catie Bersane, Payton Carman, MaLynn McConnell, Lorna Puhl and Katrina Schles. 

Falcon Bowling Team:

Cody Athey, Jake Denny, Thomas Epperson, Leo Garrigan, Josh Martin, Devin Menges, Noah Noecker, Justin Pope, Henry Powell, Allan Powers-Wettestad, Nathan Rhedin and James Ryan.

Mary Lou McGinn

Posted: 02/15/2018 - by Owen Burgin

Mary Lou McGinn was scheduled to discuss her book, “The History We Live In,” at the Council Bluffs Public Library back in December. More...

Allmon strikes gold at end of prep career

Posted: 02/11/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

Lewis Central’s Jackson Allmon is no stranger to the state swim meet, and after Saturday, he’s no stranger to being a state champion, More...


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