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 Carrie Ashley

Director of Alumni Relations & Special Events:

Carrie Ashley

400 Gleason Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 
712-329-9000 x339
 2014 technology
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Alumni & Friends Volunteer Group: Jen Brown - Vice President; Amy Rallis - Secretary; Mariann Hilderbrand - Treasurer

16th Annual FREE March Madness Tourney!

Finish in the money? If so, please get a quick bio of yourself to us so we can highlight you!

St. Albert Alumni & Friends and record 234 entries!

Final Standings:

Cutler-O'Neill Funeral Home

Cooper Hamilton 4

1st with 133 points:

Cooper Hamilton - $250
 Cooper is a 6th grader at St. Albert and is our youngest winner ever at 12 years old! He plays football, basketball, soccer, track and baseball. He loves basketball and that knowledge paid off this tourney! Cooper's favorite thing about SA is all the friends he's made and being able to go to daycare all the way through high school with them.  He loves being able to get to know older St. Albert kids and the opportunity to play multiple sports. Cooper is one of three of Brian & Leah Hamilton's boys attending St. Albert.  A fun fact... he's been watering skiing since he was 6 and he started slalom skiing at 10!
Cooper Hamilton 2 

2nd with 127 points:

Dick Scott - $150

3rd with 121 points:

Kelly Krohn - $100

4th with 118 points:

Alexis Narmi - $80

5th with 114 points:

Brock Gentile (was 3rd in 2021) - $60

6th with 113 points:

Tina Wigington - $40

7th with 111 points:

Carter White - $20 
Epco Ltd.
2022: Cooper Hamilton
2021: Austin Knowlton
2020: No Tournament
2019: Judd Cochran
2018: Sue Batten
2017: Jackie Cassoutt
2016: Charlie Narmi
2015: Collin McBride
2014: Tyler Ferguson
2013: Josh Sindelar
2012: Kendra Stephany
2011: Joe Nicholas
2010: Bob Gast
2009: Ramsey Jabro
2008: Dale Scott
2007: Jim Mortensen
2006: Mike Kayl 

Congrats to all!


Cutler-O'Neill Funeral Home 

20+ Years and Still Rolling..

2022 Alumni & Friends Bowling Trophy

St. Albert Alumni & Friends Bowling:

 2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 1

Thank you Libby Cerny, Amy Rallis, Joan Goeser, Jen Brown and Mariann Hilderbrand for a wonderful evening Saturday night at Thunderbowl! The proceeds from the event will be given to St. Albert later this month to help with the continued work in the SA Gym & Lobby area!!

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 2

The most coveted prizes in sport were in the house...

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 5

And happy 45th birthday to one of the candle winners, Nate Noon!

 Pope Francis approves...

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 10

It's always a magical night and this year love was in the air!

Kelly's Carpet & Furniture

Thanks to Kelly's for sponsoring 2 lanes for St. Albert Teachers & Staff... 

 2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 7

Best dressed?

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 11

Congrats to the Blue Crew for winning for the 32nd year in a row...

But, who wore it better?


Hondo, is that you?

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 3


$100 Cash Drawing Winner:

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 9

SA Dad, Chris Holiday

And the big 50/50 winner for $500:

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 8

SA graduate, Aly (Gorman) Nichols

Oh yeah - the bowling...

Saintes High Bowler - SA Mom, Anne Hendricks

Saintes Opportunity for Most Improved in 2023 - SA Grad Wife, Nicole Kuper 

Now to two of the best basketball dunkers in SA history...

Falcon High Bowler - SA 1991 Grad, Matt Way

DSC_0137 AAAAA (Medium).jpg DSC_0115 AAAAA (Medium).jpg

Falcon Opportunity for Most Improved in 2023 - SA 2018 Grad, Tyler Blaha

Speaking of 2023... 

2022 SA Alumni & Friends Bowling 6

You'll have an opportunity to win the most coveted prize in sport (and bowl) at the 2023 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Bowling Night which will be Saturday, January 7th, 2023 at Thunderbowl!


Carrie Ashley

Congratulations to Carrie Ashley who was announced today as the new Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events at St. Albert! Click here to learn more 



Faith. Excellence. Service.

2021 SA Logo

Faith and Family.  Academics and Activities. Discipline and Accountability.  Service to the Community.
Not perfect, but pretty darn good... and worth every penny! Call 712-329-9000 today to schedule a student shadow day and to take a placement exam!

Telpner Peterson Law Firm

 SA Logo


CLASS OF 2020: $2,000,000+; CLASS OF 2021: $1,800,000

CLASS OF 2022: $1,000,000... and building


CLASS OF 2019: 34; CLASS OF 2020: 32

CLASS OF 2021: 35; CLASS OF 2022: 33

CLASS OF 2023: 32... and building


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2021 SA Logo


Donate @saintalbertcatholic

(If you want a tax letter for your donation, then you will need to contact the school at some point in the future (712-329-9000) to make sure that they have your contact information on file.)

Saint Albert Venmo

 Saint Albert Schools YouTube page: Click here 

 2021-2022 School Calendar: Click here


2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf: 

What a day! It was GREAT to see everyone back together!!

2nd Flight - 3rd Place: 

2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 7

Lyndsey & Dan Daley and Andrea & Nate Noon

2nd Flight - 2nd Place:

 2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 18

Mandy & Matt Seminara and Mindy & Chad Kucks

2nd Flight - 1st Place:

2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 39

Brian Bowers and Ron Marshall (red & yellow)


1st Flight - 3rd Place:

2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 17

Nick VanSoelen, Brad Welch, Steve O'Neill & Tony Rew

1st Flight - 2nd Place:

2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 27

Frank Wellenstein, Mike Klusman, Brad Krohn & Jeff Lenz

1st Flight - 1st Place:

2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 29

Nick Gentile, Dan Gentile, Brett Sandholm & Jake Gentile 


Hole Prize Winners:

#1 Closest 2nd Shot: Steve O'Neill

#3 Longest Putt: Lathan Haug

#4 Longest Men's Drive in the Fairway: Trey Bowman

#8 Closest Tee Shot: Kevin Culjat

#9 Closest 2nd Shot: Chad Kucks

#10 Closest Tee Shot: Nick Golwitzer

#11 Longest Women's Drive in the Fairway: Dani Petersen

#13 Longest Putt Made: Brad Krohn

#15 Closest Tee Shot: Jay Petersen

#18 Closest 2nd Shot: Dan Gentile


50/50 Pot Winner: Mike Klusman 


2021 St. Albert Alumni & Friends Golf 1

Lane Sunberg, Alex Gast, Lainey Sheffield, St. Albert Chaplain - Father Max, Alexis Narmi, Ella Klusman & Lily Krohn.

Thanks to everyone that played and helped make the event a great one! Special thanks to President Rohling, Father Max, Pat Ryan, Jeremy Quigley & many coaches for their attendance! And a big thank you to Mike Klusman & Brad Krohn and their St. Albert Golf Teams for their assistance before the round!

~Charlie Narmi, Jen Brown, Amy Rallis, Marianne Hilderbrand, Joan Goeser & Mike Noon~

 St. Albert Sports Fan Advertising for 2021-22

 Today–July 31, 2022

$300 TOTAL!!

Contact Joe Narmi at or 402-709-8843


 Staggering Stats of why you should not only Advertise, but ALSO have your Child/Grandchild at St. Albert----Media Visibility for College Recruiting


August 1, 2020-Current

YouTube-68 Videos and Broadcasts, with 34,600 views

Facebook-160+ Broadcasts, 818 Total Followers, with an average of at least 5,000 post engagements a month

Twitter-1,556 Followers

Instagram-601 Followers

On the Hill Podcast-Beginning Season 2

St. Albert Sports Fan Website-Thousands of daily hits, and hundreds of thousands of views over the year 


2021 Graduates Continuing Athletic Careers in College


  1. Elizbeth Elkins-Buena Vista University-Volleyball
  2. Greg Fagan-University of Iowa-Football
  3. Brett Klusman-Bethel College-Golf
  4. Eric Matthai-Grand View University-Baseball
  5. Gavin McIntosh-Buena Vista University-Soccer
  6. Cael McLaren-Cornell College-Wrestling
  7. Jeff Miller-Wartburg College-Tennis
  8. Cy Patterson-Des Moines Area Community College-Baseball
  9. Allie Petry-Iowa State University-Volleyball
  10. Sam Rallis-Wayne State-Football
  11. Anna Schewe-Simpson College-Tennis
  12. Derrick Schneckloth-Wartburg College-Basketball
  13. MaKenna Shepard-Drake University-Soccer
  14. Isaac Sherrill-Bismarck State-Baseball
  15. Sam Wilber-Benedictine College-Football 




Average National ACT Score: 20.6

Average Iowa ACT Score: 20.9, with 68% participation

Average Nebraska ACT Score: 19.9, with 100% participation

Average Council Bluffs Public Schools ACT Score: 20.9, with 38% participation

Average Saint Albert ACT Score: 24, with 83% participation (12% scored 30+, and 27% scored 28+)

The Class of 2020 was awarded over $2,000,000 in college scholarships.

83% of the 2020 graduates are attending a 4-year college.

Saint Albert students complete over 5,200 service hours annually. 

Saint Albert has more than 4,500 Alumni, in addition to all of the graduates of Mount Loretto and Saint Francis.

18% of Saint Albert Students are Non-Catholic.

30% of Saint Albert Students receive Financial Assistance. 

Saint Albert is the 7-TIME winner of the Iowa Challenge Cup (combines excellence in athletics, fine arts, and academics).

Saint Albert has won 18 Team State Championships in 8 different sports, and has 14 State Runner-Up finishes. 

Saint Albert has 40+ award-winning extracurricular activities.

90% of Saint Albert students participate in at least one activity.

If you would like to make an investment in your child's or Grandchild's future, please give Angie Whitfield a call at 712-328-2316 (ext. 360) for more information and to schedule a school visit.

If you would like to make an investment in the future of Saint Albert and to Sponsor a Student, or set up a Scholarship Fund for Enrollment for future students, then please contact Saint Albert's Director of Advancement, Kevin White, at or 712-329-9000

All are welcome in the Saint Albert Family!!  


Take a video tour of Saint Albert: Click here or Click here

Saint Albert is back in school with everyone that wants to be in attendance! Online learning at all levels is also available for families that choose.  Click here to learn more about St. Albert's Return to Learn plan.

Click here to learn more about becoming a part of the Saint Albert FAMILY!!

Call 712-329-9000 to learn more about St. Albert's Sheryl K. Johnson Childcare Center, the St. Albert before and after school Kidz Kare program or about enrolling at St. Albert Catholic School (you do NOT need to be Catholic to attend or to receive tuition assistance - historically, St. Albert's enrollment has been about 20-25% non-Catholic and a large % of students receive some tuition assistance).


Follow our Facebook Pages and @SASportsFan2


Please make sure you follow the original Facebook Page, as well as the newly created SASportsFan2 Facebook Page for broadcasts.  In addition, our broadcasts can be found on Varsity Bound. 



2019 SADT Fundraiser

Click here to print the form.

SA Logo

The St. Albert family is saddened by the loss of Betty McGruder.  Betty was a vibrant and proud St. Albert Mom who loved her family deeply.  Please keep her entire family in your prayers this weekend and please join in praying for the repose of Betty's soul...

Betty McGruder obituary: Click here   

Eternal rest grant unto Betty O Lord: And let perpetual light shine upon her.

May Betty rest in peace. Amen

May Betty's soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God our Father rest in peace. Amen

SA Logo
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2021 SA Logo  


SA Logo

The St. Albert family is deeply saddened by passing of Joe Moran.  Joe was a longtime strong St. Albert supporter, Dad and Grandpa to countless St. Albert graduates through the decades.  As an example, his son-in-law is current Saintes basketball coach (and graduate), Dick Wettengel.  Please keep wife, Leona and this early pillar family of the St. Albert Community in your prayers this week as they struggle with the loss of their patriarch. 

The SA family is also very sorry to see the passing of an American World War 2 hero, Louie Caparreli.  Louie was a great St. Albert and St. Patrick's supporter, volunteer and Dad throughout his life.  His family loved living across from Charlie Wolever Baseball Field at SA and their love of St. Albert never ceased.  Please keep all the Caparelli's in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Please join now in praying for the repose of Joe and Louie's souls....

Joe Moran obituary: Click here

Louie Caparelli obituary: Click here

Eternal rest grant unto Joe and Louie O Lord: And let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen

May Joe and Louie's souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God our Father rest in peace. Amen

SA Logo
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2021 SA Logo  



SA Logo

The St. Albert community is sorry to see the passing of two wonderful ladies, Barb Heck and Kathy Fox-Larsen.  Barb Heck is the matriarch of the Heck Family which were invaluable during the early years of St. Albert.  Kathy Fox-Larsen was a longtime, devout teacher at the St. Albert Primary School at Holy Family.  Both ladies were great for St. Albert.  Please pray for their families this week and please join in praying for the repose of their souls...

Barb Heck obituary: Click here

Kathy Fox-Larsen obituary: Click here

Eternal rest grant unto Barb and Kathy O Lord: And let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen

May their soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God our Father rest in peace. Amen

SA Logo
 Click here to make a Memorial Donation to St. Albert 

2021 SA Logo

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Principal's Letter to MS-HS Families

Posted: 08/01/2022 - by Charlie Narmi

Dear Saint Albert Catholic Parents and Students,WOW! Where did the summer go? I sincerely hope each of you had a chance to spend quality time More...

Principal's Letter to Elementary Families

Posted: 08/01/2022 - by Charlie Narmi

Dear Saint Albert Families,I would like to start by welcoming all of our students to Saint Albert Catholic for the 2022-23 school year. Our teachers More...


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