Saint Albert to Offer ACT Prep Class

Posted: 10/30/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

The Saint Albert Education Foundation is pleased to announce it has funded an ACT prep class at Saint Albert. The class will include significant involvement with On To College, a nationally recognized ACT prep course founded by John Baylor.


The Foundation’s research of neighboring school districts  revealed an increase in ACT scores following completion, and  following the recommendations, of this course. The Tri-Center School District reports it has increased its average ACT score by approximately 2 points by its students taking an On To College course.  A recent study by Council Bluffs Community Schools revealed their students who took an ACT prep class raised their ACT scores by 2.2 points, assuming the student took the ACT test more than once. According to the Council Bluffs Community School study, other significant contributors to higher ACT scores are taking advanced course work and taking the ACT test more than one time.


The course will be at no cost to Saint Albert students.


Details about the course are being finalized by the Saint Albert school administration. 


-The St. Albert Educational Foundation-




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