Saintes and Falcon bowling defeat Tri-Center

Posted: 12/19/2020 - by Charlie Narmi

Here is how a high school match works: Both teams have 6 bowlers who roll 2 individual games (their series).  The worst score for each game is thrown out - the top 5 scores are counted.  Then each team rolls 5 Baker games.  Add up the 10 individual scores and the 5 Baker scores and that it is your team score.

2020 Bowling Baker Series Explanation

2020 Saintes Bowling vs Tri Center

The Saintes won 1,994 to 1,666! High game was Alexis Narmi with a 167, and high series was Madilynn Myers with a 306.  In addition, the first baker game, the Saintes beat both Falcon teams and both Tri-Center teams!

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2020 Falcon Varsity Bowling vs Tri Center

The Falcons won 2,803 to 2,292! High game & series was Evan White with a 221 and a series of 418.

2020 Falcon JV Bowling vs Tri Center

The Falcon JV rolled a 2,571! High game was Hadyn Piskorski with a 210 and high series was Cole Pekny with a 383.

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