Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

Posted: 08/01/2019 - by Charlie Narmi

Next summer I hope to replace more of the sidewalk that has been damaged from the salt and other ice melt products.  I also hope to re-blacktop the driveway and parking lot and paint fresh lines after that work is completed. However, this year I am just going to tackle the concrete right in front of the main entrance to the school.  It is my plan to have that area replaced before the start of school.  The contractor has assured me that he can get it accomplished even with the short window I have provided.



Today, the maintenance staff here at the school is honoring my request to paint the "Fire Lane" curb.  The paint had become dull and needed sprucing up.  This fresh coat of paint diminishes the effectiveness of the excuse I have been hearing, "I didn't know it was a fire lane."  Bright red paint with white lettering stenciled on it that says "FIRE LANE" should take care of parking problems.  (I know that is an optimistic hope, but one can dream.)

A volunteer work night is scheduled at 5:30 P.M. on August 19.  I am hoping we can get the flower beds weeded, fresh mulch applied, and just get everything manicured nicely.  I want the beginning of school to be an exciting moment on all levels.  I want us to shine inside and out.  This pertains to the facilities, but it also applies to each of us individually as well.  I want each member of the administration team, each teacher, each staff member, and all of the students and parents to be filled with joy.  We are children of God.  We have the opportunity to be in a school that can outwardly reflect that love of God to all.  That is a freedom and privilege that I don't want to ever take for granted.  Subsequently, we will fulfill our mission in a spirit of joy.

The page of the calendar has turned to August.  On your mark; get set; ____!

Deacon Vernon Dobelmann

Executive Director
St. Albert Catholic Schools 


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