Pastoral Presence at St. Albert

Posted: 08/15/2012 - by Charlie Narmi


Saint Albert Catholic Schools is blessed to have the support of the priests who serve at our supporting parishes. The involvement of our priests helps Saint Albert sustain its tradition of strong spirituality.

We are thankful for their participation on our boards and committees and most importantly, for the time they spend with our students at school. Our priests serve in many roles at Saint Albert:

Canonical Administrator
The Canonical Administrator is named by the Bishop to serve as the Bishop's representative to the school. The Canonical Administrator works closely with the President of the school on the administrative issues of operating a Catholic school. The Canonical Administrator serves on the Executive Committee of the Area Board and provides counsel to the President on spiritual, financial and personnel issues facing the school.
The current Canonical Administrator for Saint Albert is Fr. Chuck Kottas.

The Chaplain is named by the Bishop to serve as the spiritual resource for the School Theology and Campus Ministry departments. The Chaplain works with the Campus Minister and Theology teachers on spiritual instruction along with the day-to-day issues of those departments. These duties include textbook review and selection, Liturgy planning, retreat planning, coordination of Mass celebrants and Faith Formation for Faculty.
Because of recent priest reassignments, Fr. Dave Fleming has agreed to serve as interim Chaplain for the 2012-2013 school year. Bishop Pates has indicated that next summer he will appoint a new Chaplain for the 2013-2014 school year.

Senior Chaplain
The Senior Chaplain coordinates with the Chaplain to assist with the spiritual needs of the school. The Senior Chaplain is typically a retired priest and spends several days each week on campus. He is available to minister to students, assist with Liturgies, Reconciliation and retreat days, celebrate pre-game Mass with our athletic teams, and assist with the Faith Formation Committee.
Fr. Paul Monahan serves as the Senior Chaplain and has an office by the main lobby of the Jr/Sr High School.

Elementary Religious Instruction
For many years, our priests have assisted with elementary religion classes. Each priest is assigned to an elementary grade and works with the grade level teachers to provide support for that grade's religion class. These priests typically teach 2-3 lessons each month during the school year.

Assignments for the 2012-2013 school year are:
Pre-K & Kindergarten: Fr. Raphael Masabakhwa
First Grade: Deacon Steve Rallis
Second Grade: Fr. Joel McNeil
Third Grade: Fr. Howard Fitzgerald
Fourth Grade: Fr. Dave Fleming
Fifth Grade: Fr. Chuck Kottas
Sixth Grade: Fr. Paul Monahan

Pastoral Presence at Saint Albert
The three pastors from the Council Bluffs parishes will each be spending one day a week at the Saint Albert campus. Their time will be spent meeting students, visiting classrooms and providing spiritual support for our school. A Pastor's Office is being established in the High School Wing on campus.

The tentative office schedule is:

Tuesday: Fr. Chuck Kottas
Wednesday: Fr. Joel McNeil
Thursday: Fr. Dave Fleming

Saint Albert is grateful to Bishop Pates and our area priests for the spiritual guidance they provide. Saint Albert is truly blessed to have active, supportive priests who are dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education as well as promoting high academic standards. Their presence and assistance helps revitalize and uphold Saint Albert's mission to foster each and every student's spiritual growth.


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