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Posted: 09/21/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

Welcome back everyone! Whether you're going to be On The Hill this weekend or following along from afar, it's great to have back you once again.

Speaking of On The Hill.  Hopefully you've had the chance to listen to one of the 4 podcast episodes this month.  Some really powerful stuff. As an alum, parent and supporter, they have made me feel incredibly good about the future of St. Albert.  With coaches like Pat Ryan, Angie Lantz and Russ Sindelar leading our young people you can rest assured the next generation of The Green & Gold is in good shape!

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to play and support our 23rd Alumni & Friends Golf Tourney on Sunday.  It's a record crowd - thank you! Your next opportunity to support will be Alumni & Friends Bowling on Saturday, January 5th. Sign-ups will begin in December.

It was mentioned on the podcast but there are multiple ways to support St. Albert.  You can give your time (reading in a classroom, Field Crew, volunteering in the concession stand, etc), your talent (professional advice, working on/for The Auction, Field Crew, etc) or your treasure. On this part there continues to be multiple ways to give.  You can write a check for the general budget to help pay the bills.  You can give to special projects and needs (new ovens, bathrooms, pitching machines, etc) and you can also give to The St. Albert Educational Foundation.  The Foundation supports St. Albert students mainly with scholarships and financial assistance.  Feel free to talk to a Foundation Board Member and feel free to call St. Albert at 712-329-9000 x5 to see if there is a way you can help.

Get out this weekend and support the football team, the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the volleyball team, the cross country teams and the swimming team - lots of opportunities to give of your time!

The Falcons simply ran out of gas last week against a big and fast Underwood team.  Multiple starters missed the game with injuries and with it being so hot, the young guys (9 underclassmen playing D at one point last week) simply ran out of juice in the 4th.  Tonight the Birds will be playing another big team from Earlham.  The guys up front will have their work cut out for them and the little guys will have to try and get to the edge and get in space. I think they will.

By my count the Falcons are 22-0 or 21-1 the last 22 years on Homecoming - make it one more tonight!

Falcons win 35-20

Charlie Narmi Co-Founder and current volunteer
St. Albert Alumni & Friends President


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