Saint Albert Foundation Announces Tuition Assistance Donations

Posted: 11/05/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

The Saint Albert Foundation is pleased to announce it has approved $155,000.00 paid to Saint Albert Catholic Schools for tuition assistances for the 2018-19 school year. This continues the long-standing tradition of tuition assistance for the students attending Saint Albert Catholic Schools.


The Saint Albert Education Foundation’s primary purposes are to provide tuition assistance to students and provide other aids towards the education of students at Saint Albert Catholic Schools.  The Foundation was  formed in 1974. It was originally called the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Foundation for Council Bluffs Area Catholic Schools.  The original board of directors were:  James B. Conlon,  Charles V. Edwards, Jr., William F. Gress, Phillip Gronstal, Edmund A. McGinn, Maurice O’Neill, and Raymond E. Pogge.   The name was changed in 1996. The Foundation remains an independent entity separate from the Saint Albert Catholic Schools and the Diocese of Des Moines and is controlled solely by its board of directors.


-The St. Albert Educational Foundation- 


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