St. Albert Catholic Schools Annual Appeal

Posted: 11/03/2017 - by Charlie Narmi

Saint Albert Families, Alumni, and Friends,

As I initiate the 2017 Saint Albert Annual Appeal, I am struck by two fundamental realities about our school community. First, Saint Albert families, alumni, and friends are incredibly dedicated to our school system. Second, the financial security of the Saint Albert Catholic Schools depends upon the generosity of our alumni and friends. 

In September, I led a tour for some of Saint Albert’s first graduates. They were impressed by the consolidated campus, our beautiful classrooms, and the many recent accomplishments.

• Elimination of the final debt on the elementary school 
• Expanded child care capacity and preschool programs
• Renovated and refurbished 4-12th grade classrooms 
• Addition of over 100 middle and high school lockers
• Updated heating and air conditioning systems
• New and improved sidewalks and walkways

These projects were expensive. Now, Saint Albert needs your help to rebuild our reserves and secure this year’s operating budget. In fact, the goal for this year’s appeal is $100,000, and donations of all sizes are needed.


Click here to read the entire letter and to donate now!


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